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Hello fellow adventurer! Thank you for stopping by!

I’m Steph, and I like to consider myself a bit of an explorer. It doesn’t always come naturally to me- I used to be painfully shy and I feel a bit more like that sometimes still. But the more I’ve gone out into the world, out of my comfort zone, the more I’ve realised that that’s where I’m meant to be.

This blog is all about learning to be courageous. I believe that it is possible to live a life without fear and that that is where I will find out who I really am. Its for me, and its for you too.

I am starting this blog at the start of 2018 to really delve into this properly and document the growth, and its going to be so much fun! I love to write and I really want to share this with you if there’s something you can gain from it, even if its just seeing someone else’s journey be similar to your own.

Lets challenge ourselves to shine our lights brighter, to raise our vibration and heal our wounds, and learn to love life fully! And let’s do it together.


All my love and bear hugs,

Steph xoxo

P.S: I’m a scorpio lmao xx