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Hello darls! Anyone for a cuppa?

Hey gorgeous babes! It’s been a while! It’s probably been a month, yet it feels like a year! I thought I’d write you a little love note from the edge of my bed this Sunday evening.

recent pics of me lahving these new high-waisted mum jeans I found at the salvos, and being a menace with my lil dog friend

When you’ve been hurt by someone important to you, you’ll understand the loneliness of healing.

The after-effects of an abusive relationship linger for months, and on your bad days it can be pretty painful.

Currently this scorpio is knee deep in the healing gunk. I very much feel like the caterpillar in the cocoon right now! Even with deep personal wounds to tend to, I also just left my job of 3.5 years and am on break before starting my new adventure. Same industry, different role. In the city now. Talking all day now. I’m very excited! I just know I’m in the right place, and the high energy is going to be amazing. I’m so excited to meet new friends and try new things and find new places. I’m ready to EXPAND.

Yet still,

That will be then. And this, is now.

Now I am enjoying journalling, rambling walks in the park, singing along too loudly when the songs speak my truth, meditating, and watching the world go by. Absolutely cherishing this time to be alone. To work through the shit that’s been flung into my face over the past 6 months. Cleansing this aura back to its natural state of radiating good vibes and funk music!

I’ve just started a new art journey (mis-spelled journal but I’m leaving it!), and after doing so much art on my computer its felt friggen liberating to go back to felt tip pens and twistable crayons. I’m super keen to share that with you! For now, here are a few doodles I created with adobe illustrator this week:

buterfly-01Untitled-1-01my morning coffee-01-01meditating 5-01gal-01

I’ve still got oodles and oodles to learn about digital illustration, but by god it’s addictive and it’s been super fun getting to know more tricks through practice. I love getting up in the morning and making my coffee, getting my tablet, and drawing on my laptop while I listen to the news. I’m honestly a nanna! I’m really excited though about the idea of marrying my non-digital and digital skills together. I’ve got the art journal I’m currently filling up, but I also found a stack of ooooold old notepads from my years at my last job that are filled with drawings I did while waiting on hold or just procrastinating, and they’re special. I think I will be able to adapt these into a digital form and make some magic!

That’s all from me, folks! I’ll be back soon with some rainbow coloured nonsense.

Lots of love,

Steph xoxo

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