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A walk in the park

I called in sick this morning. I was feeling particularly under the weather thanks to my darling uterus, and generally unenthusiastic about life which means I’m definitely not myself! I turned the car around and made my way for home. Just as I was about to turn off the main road and into my street, I received an inspiration to not divert, keep going. I watched my street fly past me and I thought to myself “so where are we going?”. Instantly I thought of my favourite state park just 10 minutes away, so I plugged it into my google maps and off I went. And yep, I am that bad with directions! Thank god I was born in the time of sat nav because otherwise I’d probably waste 10 hours a week looking blankly at a map in my car and wishing for mercy! Anyway, I thought that just being amongst the trees would be lovely for a moment, and a walk would hopefully do me some good.


Total non plot twist: This was a GOOD idea! It was a Monday morning and there was no one else around. I got out of my car without my bag at first but I had to run back and grab my phone because the birds sounded so gorgeous! If you’d like a slice of Australian bush birdsong, click below:




Anyway I ended up having a lot of fun taking pictures, it was really delightful to be so silly and play like a kid, you know? And not to be completely over the top (as usual) but about 1 minute along the path I quickly went and laid down in the grass and gazed up at the blue sky framed by gumtree limbs. It felt sooooo gooooooood, nature is such a nice gal. It’s been too long and I’m going to make sure I get some time in beautiful natural places regularly.


I sat by the river, soaked it in, and laughed far more than a person should in a public place without a companion. I’m so glad that today turned out to have this simple perfect moment in it.

Stella 3 rainbow-01Stella 4 2-01

I like this photo because is it just me or can you actually see the twinkle in my eye?! Rivers do that to me. You too, right?


This morning I am grateful for blue skies, the sound rivers make, birds talking to each other, the smell of the bush, soaking up sunshine. Coconut ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce. The best coffee EVER from a cafe right around the corner from my house! Rain in the morning while I’m in bed with my boo. Challenging (AND defeating!) all the dishes in the house! The happiness blend essential oil. Gala Darling’s podcast, and she’s coming to melbourne!! Eek!! Days spent painting and dreaming, taking time for myself, and desires falling into line without any effort on my part. Making my sister laugh, constructive conversations with Virgos, and mandarin lime flavoured ANYTHING.


What are you living for today, gorgeous folks? Make my day and leave a comment below!


Sending a tight bear hug with us both jumping on the spot at the same time,


-Steph xoxo

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