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Some small thoughts

Sleep on it

I’ve noticed in my past few evenings when I lay down in bed there is an ugly voice that whispers in my ear telling me to hide. I am flooded with shame and I want to jump up out of bed and delete every blog post I have published, and pray no one has seen what I’ve put out there. In years gone by I listened to that voice. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years and its strange to think how far I could have come by now if I hadn’t have let this intrusive shame have power over me! But this time, nah. This time I try something different. This time I don’t trust it, I tell it “shhhh, let’s sleep on it and we will see how we feel in the morning”. And each morning I wake up and feel so positive about this, even if it is a bit of an exercise in vulnerability. So if that voice visits you as well don’t listen to it, and if in doubt, err on the side of connection & expansion a.k.a: good courageous vibes yo


People get up and drive that funky soul

A few days ago on the drive home on an out of the blue inspiration I searched ‘James Brown’ in Spotify and hit play… of course I am now mildly obsessed. He has such ENERGY! I adore that he is so uplifting. Just through a recording he can reach through and make me dance with my arms out of the window as I’m stuck at the lights. He is an embodiment of confidence; he really doesn’t care about looking silly, and watching him go for it with his entire being means that anyone observing his performance gets lifted up with him. He reminds me that it’s no big deal to be seen, in fact it is fun and useful and its where magic happens. I am just so full of admiration for his positive energy and to think of how many people he must have helped in his life, just by being himself and sharing it, and having a blast.


Chose it

This morning I lit incense as I put my face on and got ready for work, put on my funk tunes, and had an Abraham Hicks video playing in the background. I danced around my bedroom while singing to my dog and whipping my hair, only keeping my feet still so I could take a sip of my coffee. Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a work mate and we talked about how dramatic we used to be as teenagers, I confessed how negative I used to be and he told me about his Mum sitting him down at 17 and telling him that “no one can make you happy, you have to find the goodness and focus on it”. What an AMAZING parent! So this morning I made my own happiness. And I’m keeping it going. Today is a good day. Today is a good day. Today is a good day. Why? Because I chose it.


Get YOURS honey,

Steph xoxo

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