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10 Quick Ways To Feel Good Again

Some days in order to continue serving up realness and being your usual badass self you need to take 5 minutes for yourself and chill. If you’re having a shit one, try these actions to get you back on track and feeling amazing! Ready to smear your magic on the world once again.


1: Have a shower

Put on some funk music and get in your birthday suit! When I’m feeling a bit stuck or grumpy one of the things I love to do is hop in the shower and use it like I’m pressing a big reset button. Imagine that the water is washing your day away, cleansing you of any bullshit vibes you may have encountered. Make sure you’re stocked up in a body wash flavour you love! Even the discount range in my local supermarket has delicious vanilla / honey and coconut options that make my shower a whole lot more lush. Also I dance in the shower and attempt to look exactly like Beyonce waterbending, and I highly recommend.



2: Go or a walk

Grab your dog and an oversized pair of sunglasses and get out there! Make your way to your favourite park or walk around the block a couple of times. Put in your headphones and listen to a speaker you love on youtube, or an uplifting playlist. You could even set an intention for your walk! Like finding inspiration, releasing tension, you could even ask the universe to show you a cool bird while you’re out there. Sometimes just the fresh air, sunshine, and a change of scenery is enough.


3: Plan a holiday

I don’t know if its just me but planning a holiday always chops my timber! If I’m angry it’s “have a nice life losers I am out of here”, if I’m sad it’s “I will buy a ticket to a better place”, if I’m happy it’s “life is for the living- take my money!”. Even if (like me) you don’t have all the funds to book things, it is still uplifting to think about the possibilities and what you will do when the time is right. The other cool thing is that your holiday doesn’t have to be an epic Instagram clogging beast, there are HEAPS of more local things you can organise, and it will give you fabulous weekend plans to look forward to! It could be a weekend away with bae, a roadtrip with your funniest mates, a solo art retreat- what do you feel like?! Jump on Airbnb and get cracking!


4: Get some comedy into ya

How obvious does this sound, but I don’t know many people that use this! Last year I went through a big break up and quite a few of those sad nights were saved by stand up shows on Netflix. This is a bit of a cheats way to feeling good too because even if you are sobbing, if you can manage to switch on something funny you won’t be able to help but start laughing! Thank you, funny humans.


5: Do something silly

Finally, something I can write about with authority. Ha! Find a private space or grab a fun friend to shake it off with, and do a dance or make a face and a noise that no respectable adult should make! Tell a story about the underpants you’re wearing in a posh voice. Mime a song from the depths of your heart- some Whitney Houston perhaps? Walk around while lifting your feet as high as you can with each step. If you have access to music pop in the chicken dance or the ketchup song, or the Macarena! Sometimes we just take ourselves too seriously, and it’s surprisingly refreshing to act like a kid again. And no one has to know about it! It can be our little secret.


6: Meditate

Just do 5 minutes! Especially when you’re feeling frazzled, taking a few minutes to come back to centre and refocus on yourself can do wonders. There is oodles of relaxation music on youtube that you can listen to, and try just focusing on your breath going in cool and out warm. Gently let go of any thought that pops up and return to noticing your breath. Do this for five minutes and then jump back into your day with a calm mind. If you’re interested in starting a meditation practice I highly recommend the headspace app! It is subscription based one however if you use it daily or even a few times a week it’s worth it. They have easy to understand animations that teach you what to do, heaps of categories to choose from, and it tracks your progress so you can look back in a month and feel rightfully pleased with yourself.


7: Make a gratitude list

This is such a simple 2-minute activity but it can shift your attitude in a big way! Get out a piece of paper or your phone and list down everything you can think of that you’re grateful for. Just make sure that they are things from your real life in the past week (not that other more general things like the moon aren’t to be grateful for, but you probably won’t feel as strongly about that compared to the new shoes you just got). It feels a lot better to look around and find the things to appreciate than it does when you’re focusing on what other people have that you don’t. And your list should never be empty! If you can’t think of anything, walk through your house and give a gratitude tour. Point out things you love about the house, items that were a gift from a loved one, your favourite cooking utensil, something super cute you just had to have- whatever! I guarantee you’ll feel full to the brim of ‘my house is awesome vibes’.


8: Spruce yourself up

You know that on days you know you look good you exude more confidence, take less shit, and walk with a bit of a spring in your step. So why leave that feeling for special occasions? You could get a haircut or your nails done, buy a new piece of clothing that looks great on you, even just wear a colour you don’t usually! (I was packing my bag for a trip once and was shocked to find ALL of my favourite clothes I picked were blue! Shortly after I discovered that red really brings out my eyes). Taking some pride in your appearance sends the message to your subconscious mind that you care about and respect yourself, which is a lovely bonus to being lovely~


9: Talk to someone

Choose wisely because if you try this with a negative person it’s only going to make you feel worse. But otherwise, I find that having a chat with someone can really shift my energy! And you don’t have to wait for a guru to come along, making someone else laugh is magic as well! If something is bothering you have a bit of a vent, but aim to make the interaction beneficial for both of you.


10: Choose to feel better

In the end you can try all of these and not feel any different if you don’t want it to work or if you believe you deserve to be unhappy. You are worthy of ALL the blessings! You need to care about the way you feel and strive for it. If feeling happy is too far away right now, just take one step up on the ladder of emotions. When I’m feeling sad it’s a bit much to ask me to feel joyful, so instead I strive for something that feels more achievable, like anger. I don’t want to stay in anger long term but its certainly a more empowered state than being miserable! The key to having a good day though is to decide you’re in a good day, and create it. No one can do the inner work for you, you must do it by yourself and for yourself. The sunny side is waiting for you and cheering you on!


All my love and dad jokes,


Steph xoxo

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