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Vortex in my Cortex

I’m still finding my feet with this blog because I decided to do something crazy and begin before I felt ready. I’ve wanted to run a blog for years and I was always putting it off waiting for a great idea, until I had a moment when I realised that if I sit around waiting for my divine blogging purpose to come to me in a dream it may never happen! I realised it was far more likely I’d find my way while seeking it out and reaching for it.


So I think I want to write about the law of attraction & manifestation topics, which is really scary because I usually keep (most of) my hippie woo woo beliefs very private. But practicing being in the vortex is basically the juicier version of letting go of fear, and that’s what I was inspired to write about. This is me taking off a mask, y’all. Just trying to keep it real.


I feel pretty darn excited about this, it’s going to be really interesting to see where this goes and how much I can get in the vortex when I’m really working on it. To go from anxiety to confidence, doubt to belief, boredom to fun, lethargy to vitality, fear to laughter! Lets do this together, its going to be the best!


Love and sparkles,
Steph xoxo



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