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Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Steph! I’m a Scorpio (Pisces moon), Jack White’s biggest fan, an embarrassing dancer, a destroyer of hot dogs, and a pumper of fists. I’m also a 20-something design student, currently working in an office job in the finance industry, and in between I like to sing, take pictures, and go on adventures.


Over the years a journey I have been on is overcoming my anxiety, which not so long ago kept me constantly in my bedroom with a head full of fear. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to tackle, but it’s been so worth it. Everytime I reach a new level of confidence, there’s kind of no words really? It’s the best feeling I think because it feels like you discover a part of yourself you didn’t know existed before. Like the first time I made a stranger laugh- I do it all the time now! Sometimes by accident… Yet it doesn’t bother me anymore, and more than that I learned that I’ve got a great sense of humour.


I’ve decided this year that I want to start writing all this down, and what better way than a blog? Its scaring me to share my ~real feelings~ with the outside world, but that’s the whole point of this, right? When I get out of my head and make strangers laugh it’s doing good in the world that wouldn’t have otherwise existed, and of course the same goes for blogging.


You don’t have to have an anxiety disorder to need more courage in your life. A huge area for me that is requiring the ol’ facing of fears is health & fitness. In that area I don’t necessarily get nervous, but I certainly have a lot of nasty limiting beliefs up in my brain that are pretty scary.


Anyway, this is all going to be a lot of fun! Expansion can be uncomfortable, but your happiest, most creative, coolest self is waiting for you out there. That’s what I figure, anyway!




Stepho xx

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