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Songs written for recovering from emotional abuse

The Codependency Blues

I Can’t Keep Doing This


These are two songs I wrote about healing from emotional abuse and manipulation. I grew up with a narcissistic mother and filled the role of the scapegoat, and as an adult I have attracted new relationships that put me in the same kind of role that I used to be in as a child because I am easily manipulated (something to work on!).



If you can relate I’m with you hun! Its so hard! I had a massive emotional overflow some time through last year when I had my eyes opened about all of this. It was so much to process that I would sit down with my guitar, press record on my phone, and fully formed songs would flow out of me (one of these recordings I’ve linked is an original!).


I think there were about six of these songs all together, but the two I’ve shared on my soundcloud are the ones that kept getting stuck in my head. I thought I would share them in case these deep emotions need voicing for anyone else out there, too.



Stepho xoxo


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